Nadia has always loved folk music and the works of Italian, French, Anglo-Saxon and Spanish songwriters. Nadia’s musical style reflects these influence; her compositions are melodic, bordering on sadness, alive with unexpected rhythmic starts and stops. From folk tunes, Nadia takes you on a journey of her own invention.

“Nadia improvises with the heart, looking for the notes on the guitar in a spontaneous way; a rare quality.”

-Beppe Gambetta, acoustic guitar flatpicker and singer, who has been called a "virtual United Nations of influences: Italian, Ukrainian, Appalachian, Sardinian, Celtic".

October 2014
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Nadia Gabi, voice and guitar, Claudine, lyrics, Ray Gagliardino, double bass

Mais où vit le silence?

Nadia’s latest CD is the lucky result of an encounter between Nadia and the French poet Claudine. Nadia’s passion for French music allied with Claudine’s ironic and emotional lyrics inspired Nadia’s musical composition and interpretation.
A la tierce…  
Went To See The Gypsy  
Je ne suis…  
Il y a si longtemps…  
Je me suis faite très belle…  
Delaware Ecouter la chanson
Mais où vit le silence…

November 2011
Ticino, Switzerland
Nadia Gabi, voice and guitar, Simone Mauri, bass clarinet, Moreno Pellerito, electric guitar, Peter Zemp, composition, accordion, double bass

A volte i pesci cantano

Il Trio e il Carpione

Nadia’s interpretation of Italian folk songs and her mocking of songs from the Sixties… Peter Zemp’s wonderful compositions and arrangements… Clarinettist Simone Mauri’s astonishing improvisations… Moreno Pellerito’s touches of jazz/rock guitar… That’s the winning formula for an album you want to listen to over and over!

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Una marcia in Fa  
La mia morosa la va a la fonte  
Io parto per Calcutta  
Sognando Magno  
Meravigliose labbra  
Ninan Bubu Listen to Song
L’udizzo Listen to Song
S’equivocó la paloma  
Mon oncle  

Ticino, Switzerland
Silva Gonzato, voice, Nadia Gabi, guitar and vocals, Mario Amato, clarinet, sax and vocals, Peter Zemp, accordion, double bass and vocals

Milano, Stazione Centrale


It’s almost all about the largest industrial city in Italy: Milan. A virtual monograph on the Milanese singer songwriter Enzo Jannacci plus a moving folk song and a couple of Peter Zemp original compositions. Between city and country: refinement and expressive simplicity.
Il primo furto non si scorda mai  
Non gettare oggetti dai finestrini  
La ballata del pittore  
Lucy (a)
Cerutti Gino  
Didi e Gogo  
Giovanni telegrafista  
Oggi sciopero  
Via Broletto 34  
La mia morosa la va a la fonte  
Il giuoco detto “della morra”  
Una sera di settembre   Listen to Song
Aveva un taxi nero  
Non finirà mai  
Lucy (b) Listen to Song
Palomm’ e notte  

Milan, Italy
Antonietta Laterza, composition (music and lyrics), voice and guitar, Nadia Gabi, vocals and guitar

Alle sorelle ritrovate

A. Laterza & N. Gabi

In the mid-Seventies, feminism was the rage in Italy. Young women formed self-awareness groups, attended rallies and sang songs. Antonietta Laterza of Bologna, Italy, was the best singer songwriter to give voice to this movement; she was not only an activist but also a poet and an original, modern musician. The CD was recorded live in a theatre in Quarto Oggiaro in Milan.
Cara madre  
Se ero io Listen to Song
La malcontenta  
La montagna Listen to Song
Mia dolce signora  
Cento migliaia di anni  
Dovevo dimostrare  
Il complesso  
Noi siamo stufe